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Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris

International Students Residence


Available rooms

The residence is designed with 3 modern modular rooms with mirrors, wheelchair access and a ventilation system :

  • 2 rooms with a capacity of 30 people each (37 and 40 m²).

  • A large room with a capacity of 140 people (140 m²) with a celing window opening up to outside.


Those three rooms can be joined together to form a 200 person capacity room. They can be hired for a whole day, a half day, or an evening, all year long, for seminars, classes, meetings, and conferences.


  • Tables and chairs (including 60 writing desks), white wall for projecting films.

  • Projector, sound system and microphones available on demand.

  • Storage and access to the kitchen and dining room is possible for recurring groups 

Availability and prices

Contact us at

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A.E.P.P. Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris. 4, rue Titon 75011 Paris FRANCE - +33 1 44 64 06 20 -

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