The Association of Protestant Students of Paris, AEPP, is a state-approved non-profit organisation (law 1901).

A.E.P.P. is an international place of reflection and sharing with the aim of helping students to make their period of university studies also a period of humaine development. The residence is the heart of the association where students have  to learn taking responsibilities and debating: all that represents the community life. The residence accepts boys and girls with different cultural, geographical and religious backgrounds with warm, stimulating and open welcome.




In 1892 some 40 students with Jean MONNIER created a company "The Fraternal Protestants Student Society" to arrange meetings, monthly conferences, working groups, study groups etc on religious issues. Four years later, the company moved to 46 rue de Vaugirard and turned into "Cercle des étudiants protestants de Paris", the students became part of the animation and the operation of the Association. The society soon became an important center Parisian student life: it was an intellectual center, there was also a not expensive restaurant.

The association was state-approved on 11 March 1923 and became the owner of the property at 46 rue de Vaugirard, hosting the 7 students as residents. There will be 31 of them in 1937. These residents are the core of the Association, organizing conferences, groups and exhibitions.

During the Second World War, the Association is forced by the occupation to stop their activities. But the residence and the restaurant remain under the management of the Reformed Church of France. The associational activity resumed after the war in 1946 and in the fifties is a lively place of education and debate. After 1968, the activities of the residence are stopped. AEPP becomes a place of free speech and a forum of associations.

In 1981 the Council of the A. E.P.P. decides to return to the original purpose of the association - accommodation and activities. In 2001 the Association sold the building of rue de Vaugirard. In 2006, it acquired a more spacious building, 4 rue Titon in Paris (75011) to start a modern and functional space composed of a residence and a center for students' activities.





The A.E.P.P. is an associate member of the FUACE/WSCF (Universal Federation of Christian Students) that develops relation at International level. This memberships allows residents of AEPP to participate in meetings abroad and to pursuit personal opportunities in an international context.

In France

The A.E.P.P. represent « Fédé », "« Fédération Française des Associations Chrétiennes d’Etudiants » (FFACE) and is a member of the « Fédération Protestante de France »

internationale residence et place of reflection and sharing