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Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris

International Students Residence


  • Each month, we host evening conferences and debates open to all, with inspiring guests (Professors, historians, sociologists, philosophers, politicians, artists, intellectuals, and activists) who allow us to open our minds, to weaponize our intelligence and to think critically about complex subjects such as news, world and social movements, politics, society and personal problems.

  • Recent examples include debates focusing on elections, inequality, poverty, sustainable development, feminism and ecology. Past guests speakers who have attended our events include well known figures, with inspiring and exemplary stories, such as : Pierre Joxe, Christine LAZERGES (CNCDH), Genevièves JACQUES and Henry MASSON (Cimade), Jean-Luc MELENCHON, Cécile DUFLOT, Julien BAYOU and David BELIARD (EELV), Raphaël LIOGIER, Michael FOESSEL, Pierre ROSANVALLON, Jean BAUBEROT, Inigo ERREJON (PODEMOS), Tiphaine LAGARDE, David KOUBBI, Sandra LAUGIER, Vincent MESSAGE, Benoît HAMON, Olivier BESANCENOT, Yannis VAROUFAKIS, Olivier ABEL, Réjane SENNAC, Alice COFFIN, Benjamin CORIAT, Yannick BOSC, Tancrède RAMONET, Christelle TARAUD, Didier ERIBON, Anne LE STRAT, Quitterie de VILLEPIN, Sandra LAUGIER, Danièle OBONO, Manuel BOMPARD, Geoffroy de LAGASNERIE.

  • Cultural activities : film club, group visits to exhibitions, art history classes.

  • Participation in external international seminars.

  • Activities initiated by residents to share their passions e.g making films, organising public concerts, etc.

  • A monthly meeting with a themed dinner for all residents.

  • The AEPP "Golden Awards" at the end of every year.

  • International atmosphere : a strong presence of foreign students (around 60%) coming from different countries (16-22 different nationalities on average each year) provides an opportunity for everyone to learn about other cultures and to create a global network of friends.

  • Commitment proposals (support for local children, participation in cultural or humanitarian projects and activism. Support for refugees through a partnership with UTOPIA 56 and LA CIMADE). 

  • Participation in student seminars and activities abroad, notably through the FUACE, of which the AEPP is the french representative. Residents of the AEPP have been able to participate in student gatherings across the world (seminars in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Sicily, Norway, Rome).


Classes are organised daily in the residence, such as Yoga, Rock and other dances, Fitness, Swedish gymnastics, Pilate, Theater, Tai Chi Chuan, and more.

These are free for the residents of the AEPP.

Download the list of classes

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A.E.P.P. Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris. 4, rue Titon 75011 Paris FRANCE - +33 1 44 64 06 20 -

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