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Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris

International Students Residence




The Association of Protestant Students of Paris (AEPP) is a non-profit organisation recognised under the Law of 1901.

The AEPP is an international place of reflection and sharing, which aims to help students to make their studies a time of personal growth and development. The student residence forms the heart of the association, and represents an exceptional learning opportunity through community life. The residence accepts male and female students coming from a range of cultural, geographical, and religious backgrounds, offering them a warm and open welcome. It welcomes passengers for summer.

Events and conferences

Events every month featuring inspiring guest speakers: intellectuals, activists and artists, with a view to inspiring free thinking, informing people, encouraging them to consider current affairs and issues in all their complexity, and inspire them to share their activism and commitment. 
Regular meetings with historians, sociologists, researchers, politicians and activists, about social movements and the fight for justice.

You wish to be invited ? Send an email to

Group classes open to all

Yoga, drama, duo dances, rock, musical theatre, history of art, tai chi chuan, magic gymnastics, pilates, workshops for children... Every day lessons are available to you at AEPP. They are free for residents of the house.

Download the 2023/24 program here

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During the summer and the 2024 Olympics, the residence will welcome passengers of all ages in single rooms (a 90 cm bed), double rooms (2 beds of 90 cm each) and duplex rooms for 4 (shared or not).

Prices, services and bookings here.

Staying at the AEPP this summer and the 2024 Olympics


The residence occupies a 2000m² building with private garden and patio, fully renovated in 2007, and meeting all the most recent standards in terms of safety, facilities, and comfort.

The residence is made up of 5 floors, comprising of single, double rooms, and duplexes (4 people), and can accomodate up to 89 students (male and female) staying nightly, monthly, or for the whole year.

It also holds large common areas and facilities intended to made daily life within the community easier (dining room, laundry facilities, kitchen, study room,  garden, sports terrasse).

A entire floor is reserved for the activity center, equipped with 3 multi purpose rooms with a capacity of 30 to 200 people, that can be used by externals for classes, activities, conferences, and meetings.


The residence is located between Bastille and Nation, in an artistic and lively neighbourhood, with a range of facilities nearby (libraries, student restaurant, cultural and artistic centres, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms).

There are many metro and bus lines serving the area around the residence.

- Metro : Line 8 (Faidherbe-Chaligny), line 9 (rue des Boulets) and 5 minutes from lines 1, 2, 5 and RER A (station Nation)

- Bus : line 46, 86


We can accommodate students for the entire year, but also students and interns who wish to stay at the AEPP for a few nights or months.

Single room

Single rooms

The residence has 14 single rooms (12 to 15m²).

Unless there is a serious reason, single rooms are reserved for those who have already stayed at least one year in a double room.

The rooms are fully furnished with desks and shelves. Each single room shares a shower a toilet facility with another room.

Double room

Double rooms

The residence has 20 double rooms (16 to 18m²).

The rooms are fully furnished with desks and shelves. Each double room shares a shower and toilet facility with another room.

Duplex room

Duplex rooms

The residence has 8 duplex rooms. These are large rooms featuring a mezzanine, with two beds on each level, shared between 4 residents. Each room has its own toilet and a sink. There are communal showers shared between the duplex rooms.

Duplex room Mezzanine
Another duplex room


From September 2023 to June 2024
From September 2023 to June 2024

-Single room : €740 the month, €70 the night

- Double room : €540 the month, €35 the night

- Four beds duplex : €490 the month, €25 the night

Additional fees :  1 month deposit  (for monthly stays, €50 for night stays), annual membership fee: €25

2024 Summer holidays

During the summer holidays, we offer places for adults of all ages in single rooms (a 90cm bed), double rooms (2 90cm beds) and quadruple rooms. The price per person per night includes breakfast and Wi-Fi access. The prices are:

- 1st to 25th of July 2024 and 12th to 28th of August 2024: €35 for a 4-person room, €50 for a double room, €90 for a single room (single bed)

- 25th of July to 12th of August 2024: €100 for a 4-person room, €150 for a double room, €290 for a single room (single bed).

Caution : €100 for 1 month, €50 for a night


Services included in the rent

The monthly fee includes the cost of rent as well as other services :

  • Breakfast is provided by the residence.

  • Laundry facilities open 24h/7 with washing machines and dryers free of charge

  • 500 Mb/s Wi-Fi access in all the rooms, duplexes and common areas

  • Common area featuring a living room, dining room and library (residents can invite friends to visit this area)

  • Study room open 24h/7

  • Private garden and patio with tables and chairs.

  • Equipped and covered sports terrace (ping pong table, rowing machine, dumbbells, etc.)

  • Free participation in courses and activities daily held at the residence throughout the academic year: gymnastics, dance, yoga, theater.

  • A monthly dinner with all the residents

Financial aid for housing

Students can benefit from ALS (financial housing benefits for students residing in private residences).

Form and information on the CAF de Paris website 


Enrollment conditions for year long stays

  • You must be a student in higher education between 18 and 26 years old.

  • You must take part in the residence's activities and community life.


Admission procedures

Those wishing to apply must fill out an application composing of an information form and a cover letter. The application should be sent in paper form by post. You will receive a reply after the selection process is complete.

Download the application for year long stays.




The residence can accommodate students staying for a short amount of time (Erasmus program, internships etc.) throughout the year for stays lasting

from one night to 6 months. These students are accommodated in duplex rooms, each with four beds, (large rooms 25 à 28m² with a mezzanine, two beds on

each floor), individual toilet and sink, shared shower. During summer holidays, all ages people and groups are welcome in the residence for short stays.

The residence is mixed and has no time restrictions or curfew.

No cover letter required for short stays, but responsible behavior and respect of the rules of good conduct is required. The harmony of community life and respect of the premises and its facilities is everyone's responsibility. In order to stay at the AEPP, it is vital to agree to be committed to community life and to participate in the activities of the Association.

Download the application for long or short term stays


Click here to download: "Welcome to the AEPP"

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A.E.P.P. Association des Étudiants Protestants de Paris. 4, rue Titon 75011 Paris FRANCE - +33 1 44 64 06 20 -

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