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Numerous events take place at the AEPP.


Internal activities for residents and their friends
  • The AEPP organises conferences and debates on a range of  subjects (current affairs, politics, society, personal problems). Recent examples include debates featuring activists from all ends of the political spectrum, events focusing on elections, inequality, debt, poverty, sustainable development and renewable energy.  Past guests speakers who have attended our events include well known figures, intellectuals, and activists, with inspiring and exemplary stories, such as : Pierre Joxe, Christine Lazerges (CNCDH), Genevièves Jacques (Cimade), Jean-Luc Melenchon, Cécile Duflot, Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, Julien Bayou, Raphaël Liogier, Michael Foessel, Pierre Rosanvallon, Jean Bauberot, Inigo Errejo (PODEMOS),  Tiphaine Lagarde, David Koubbi. 

  • Cultural activities : literature club, film club, group visits to exhibitions or the theatre.

  • Participation in external seminars (e.g : seminars on competition and poverty, seminar on nuclear energy at the Assemblée Nationale).

  • Activities initiated by residents to share their passions e.g making films (2010-2013), organising public concerts (2011/2012), a seminar on secularism, (December 2016).

  • A monthly meeting with a themed dinner for all residents.

  • The AEPP "Golden Awards" at the end of every year.

  • International atmosphere: a strong presence of foreign students (around 60%) coming from different countries (16-22 different nationalities on average each year) provides an opportunity for everyone to learn about other cultures and to create a global network of friends.

  • Commitment proposals (support for local children, participation in cultural or humanitarian projects and activism. Support for migrants through a partnership with UTOPIA 56 including offering housing,  donating clothes, founding and managing a shop raising money for refugees). 

  • Participation in student seminars and activities abroad, notably through the FUACE, of which the AEPP is the french representative. Residents of the AEPP have been able to participate in student gatherings across the world (Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt).



Classes are organised daily in the residence: yoga, dance, fitness, Swedish gymnastics, martial arts …
These are free for residents of the AEPP.


Download the list of classes


Vendredi 12h-14h

Hassam BEN CHARBIA 06 61 20 47 44




Lundi 11h-12h30 (mvt sensoriel) + 12h30-14h (danse) Mercredi 11h-14h (mvt sensoriel +danse)

Jeudi 19h30-21h30 (danse tous niveaux)

Souraya BAGHDADI 06 64 93 21 92


DANSE DE SALON (rock,salsa..)

Lundi 19h30 à 21h30

Julien POLI 06 61 78 42 67



Mercredi 18h-21h

Mathilde CAURAS 06 10 12 67 27



Mardi 19h30-21h

Vendredi 19h30-21h

Fréderic GILLES 06 16 28 77 16



Dimanche 18h30 -20h30

(initiation armes en latex)

Compagnons de la Mémoire d’Antan

François-Xavier MERLE - 06 15 92 30 85



Jeudi 19h30-22h

Pascal SEGUIN 06 12 59 15 63


Mardi 10h30-12h + 12h30-14h

Thomas PASQUON 06 22 19 70 62

Mardi 19h30-20h30

Jeudi 12h30-13h30

Danielle BRASI 06 84 46 49 42

Vendredi 18h30-19h45

Sophie PERREARD 06 10 55 22 74




Lundi 18h30-19h30 (silhouette forme) + 19h30-20h30 (afrofit)

Jeudi 12h15-13h45 (abdos -fessiers-cuisses)

Gazelliaforme 06 13 17 50 49/




Lundi 18h30 -19h30

Mardi 18h15-19h15

Mercredi 18h30-9h30 + 19h30-20h30

Jeudi 18h30-19h30


01 45 00 18 22 ou Gymsué



Lundi 12h30 -13h30

Vendredi 9h -10h

Samedi 10h-11h

Rachel HANSEN 06 60 75 18 21



1er et 3ème mardis du mois

14h30-16h30 et 19h15-21h15

Béatrice PLANCHAIS 06 85 45 25 57



2ème et 4ème samedis du mois

14h-15h30 et 15h30-17h

Jean-Claude CRISPON 06 15 09 70 53/



Mercredi 20h35-21h45

France Shaolin Club 06 21 02 41 85



Mardi 11h-12h

06 20 34 57 75 / noé

Résidence étudiante internationale

COURS 2014 - 2015



Appeler le professeur ou se présenter

15 minutes avant le début du cours.

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