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The Association of Protestant Students of Paris (AEPP) is a non-profit organisation recognised under the Law of 1901.

The AEPP is an international place of reflection and sharing, which aims to help students to make their studies a time of personal growth and development. The student residence forms the heart of the association, and represents an exceptional learning opportunity through community life. The residence accepts male and female students coming from a range of cultural, geographical, and religious backgrounds, offering them a warm and open welcome.

Events and conferences
Events every month featuring inspiring guest speakers: intellectuals, activists and artists, with a view to inspiring free thinking, informing people, encouraging them to consider current affairs and issues in all their complexity, and inspire them to share their activism and commitment. 
Regular meetings with historians, sociologists, researchers, politicians and activists, about social movements and the fight for justice.

Group classes open to all

Yoga, drama, duo dances, rock, musical theatre, history of art, tai chi chuan, magic gymnastics, pilates, workshops for children... Every day lessons are available to you at AEPP. They are free for residents of the house.

Download the 2023/24 programm here

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monthly or nightly stays summer 2024

During the summer holidays, we offer places for adults of all ages in single rooms, double rooms (2x90cm beds) and quadruple rooms. The price  per night and includes breakfast and wifi access. They are:

- 1st to 25th of July 2024 and 12th to 28th of August 2024:

35€ per person  for a 4 person room, 50€ per person for a double room, 90€ for a single room (90 cm bed)

- 25th of July to 12th of August 2024: 100€ per person for a 4 person room, 150€ per person  for a double room, 290€ for a single room (single bed)

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