Students who come for all the scolar year stay in single or double rooms


Enrolment conditions

  • Be a student of a university

  • Be between 18 and 26 years at the time of admission,

  • Accept at the time of application, to stay in a double room during the first year unless you have a good excuse to be in a simple room,

  • Take part in the residence life, the activities of the association and their animation.


A registration form has to be filled

information sheet has to be completed in addition to a cover letter.

Download the inscription files for yearly students.



SHORT TERM RESIDENTS (from 1 night to 6 months)


The residence can accomodate students whole year or for a short period (Erasmus, internship…) from a night to 6 months, student can be held in  9 duplex with four beds, (large rooms 20 à 27m2 with mezzanine, two beds on each floor), individual toilet and sink, shared shower.

The duplex is furnished (the student just needs to bring their towels) and equiped with WiFi access.

Short term residents also can stay on double or single rooms during the summer.

Download the registration files for monthly students




  • The residence is mixed and has no restrictions on schedules.

  • Residents can receive their friends in public areas or, with autorisation, in their rooms.

  • AEPP welcome students from all religious affiliation or commitment.

In exchange for the freedom that is given to the students, we expect the responsibility from students side. However adherence to the values of solidarity and mutual respect is essential.

Students are engaged in the management and running of the house and they are co-responsible of the peaceful co-living of all : they participate in the development of principles vital to the community. A house committee, made up of elected year residents, is involved in all decisions concerning the organization and the rules of the house.

To reside in AEPP, it’s vital to be available and motivated to be engaged in community life and to participate in the activities of the Association.


To know more : Download the contract of residence 





More détails : Download the note «  Welcome to AEPP »




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