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Enrolment conditions for year long stays

  • You must be a student in higher education.

  • You must be between 18 and 26 years old at the time of admission.

  • When applying, you accept to stay in a double room during the first year unless you have a serious reason.

  • You must take part in the residence's activities and community life.


Admission procedures

Those wishing to apply must fill out an application composing of an information form and a cover letter. The application should be sent in paper form by post. You will receive a reply after the selection process is complete. 

Download the application for year long stays.





The residence can accommodate students staying for a short amount of time (Erasmus programme, internships etc.) throughout the year for stays lasting from one night to 6 months. These students are accommodated in 9 duplex rooms, each with four beds, (large rooms 25 à 28m² with a mezzanine, two beds on each floor), individual toilet and sink, shared shower.

The only condition is that these residents must be under 30 years old.

There is no selection process, but these residents must respect the residence contract and the rules of good conduct in force in the residence.

Download the application for short term stays




  • The residence is mixed and has no time restrictions or curfew.

  • Residents can invite their friends to the common areas or, to their rooms if they receive authorisation in advance.

In exchange for the freedom that is given to residents, responsible behaviour and respect of the rules of good conduct is essential. The harmony of community life and respect of the premises and its facilities is everyone's responsibility.

Residents participate in the preparation of activities and communal dinners, as well as the decisions made regarding community life. A house committee, made up of old and new residents plays a part in the running of the residence.

In order to stay at the AEPP, it is vital to agree to be committed to community life and to participate in the activities of the Association.





Click here to download: "Welcome to the AEPP"




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